Second Dotoctoral Colloquium

Dr. Vincent Womujun, East African School of Higher Education Studies & Development, Makerere University
Dr. Robert Kyaligonza, East African School of Higher Education Studies & Development, Makerere University
Rebecca Nambi (PhD Candidate & Commonwealth Scholar, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge).
Thursday, 12 December 2013


This was yet another enriching experience at which doctoral students in the College of Education and External Studies shared experiences through interaction with the academic members of staff in the College.

The colloquium attracted over 30 participants including continuing and prospective doctoral candidates. The Chair of the colloquium was Dr. Ronald Bisaso, a Senior Lecturer in the East African School for Higher Education Studies and Development (EASHESD). He welcomed participants, with special recognition of those coming from outside Makerere University; Timothy Makubuya, a doctoral candidate from the University of Missouri, St. Louis – USA and Maria Salomaa from the University of Tampere, Finland. Dr.Bisaso also recognised the presenters and other academic staff present including Dr. David Onen and Dr. F.E.K. Bakkabulindi from EASHESD.

Three presentations were made:

  1. Methodological Choices by Dr. Vincent Womujuni, Lecturer, EASHESD.
  2. Literature Review: Theory and Principles by Dr. Robert Kyaligonza, Lecturer, EASHESD.
  3. Learner-centred pedagogy and the teaching of literacy in secondary education: possibilities in a case in Uganda by Rebecca Nambi (PhD Candidate & Commonwealth Scholar, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge).

During the discussion that ensued, it was emphasised that students needed to do a lot of background reading and always refresh themselves about the basic skills in research. It was also noted that although students do literature review of their work, the literature review is in most cases less evident in the subsequent chapters of the dissertations/theses.  Additional emphasis was put on the need to be critical, analytical and selective in writing proposals and dissertations. In the same way, students advised their teachers/leaders of research seminars to identify topical issues that can be analysed in terms of the content and methodologies during such seminars.

After the colloquium, there was a poster presentation by first year Master of Arts in Educational Policy and Planning students from the EASHESD, who had been introduced to Qualitative Research Methods during the first semester.

In the concluding remarks, the Deputy Principal, College of Education and External Studies, Dr. Anthony Mugagga Muwagga was graeteful to the academic members of staff who had come up with this innovation.  He noted that the current PhD students had the advantage of having their peers present and that the difference in age between the students and the supervisors was not significant. The Deputy Principal further advised the students to discover experts in the field among the academic staff, for purposes of having guided consultations. The candidates were requested to make use of ICT and subscribe to the several e-resources that the University had procured. Dr.Mugagga, thanked the EASHESD for the contribution to CEES. In a special way, the Deputy Principal thanked Dr. Jessica N. Aguti, Associate Professor, Department of Open and Distance Learning for her invaluable participation in the colloquium. Finally, he pledged total support and commitment of the Office of the Principal to such academic activities.

The next colloquium is scheduled for Thursday 16th January 2014 at 9.00am. Dr. Jessica N. Aguti will be the lead presenter on the topic: Academic Writing.

By Ronald Bisaso (PhD)

Edited by Marion Alina