Dr Ronald Bisaso

Dean, East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development.

Ronald Bisaso, Ph.D in Administrative Science specialising in Higher Education Management, University of Tampere, is a Senior Lecturer and Dean in the East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development (EASHESD) at Makerere University, and the Project Manager of the international, multi-institutional Programme Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Higher Education Leadership and Management in sub-Saharan Africa (LMUU II, 2013-2015). He has taught higher education courses related to policy, leadership and management, globalisation and internationalization, and ICT in management. His research interests include higher education leadership and management in sub-Saharan Africa, higher education and socio-economic development, organizational change, and capacity building in higher education organisations. Read more






Professor J. C. S. Musaazi

He holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences and Higher Education with a Masters degree in Development Planning, Administration and Management, Policy Studies and Diplomacy. He has over twenty- five years’ experience in government, international and private/public organizations.  He is an expert in the fields of Higher Education, Management Education, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Educational Planning and Administration, Development Administration, Research Methods, Policy Development and Strategic Planning and International and Development Education.  Professor Musaazi has extensive international experience in designing, managing and evaluating complex social programmes. He has successfully carried out many consultancy and research projects with the National Council of Education in Jamaica, The Nigerian Education Systems, The World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Caribbean Community Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana (South America), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), UNESCO, UNDP and the British Department for International Development (DFID). Read more






Dr. Ssembebwa Jude, Associate Professor.

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Bakkabulindi Fred Edward K

Associate Professor

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Dr. Kimoga Joseph

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Dr. David Onen

Dr David Onen is a Lecturer of Educational Management, Planning, Policy Studies and Quantitative Research Techniques at the East African School of Higher Education Studies and Development, College of Education & External Studies, Makerere University. He received his B.Sc degree in Mathematics, Economics & Geography from Makerere University with Second Class Honours. He did his MA (Educ. Mgt.) (2002), and Ph.D. (2007) in the same field specialising in the area of Planning and Policy Studies from Makerere University. He was a recipient of the UNESCO’s Scholarship award in 2009 which enabled him obtain an International Certificate in Education Sector Diagnosis from the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), Paris. He has also undertaken a one-year training in Higher Education Leadership and Management earning him a certificate of the University of Tampere in partnership with the University of Helsinki, all of Finland. Dr Onen has participated and presented papers in various national and international Seminars and Conferences in China, India, Ghana, to mention just a few. His teaching interests are in the areas of Quantitative Methods of Educational Planning, Education Systems Analysis, Education Policy Studies, School Mapping and Quantitative Research Methods. Read More